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HealthCap is a digital platform for health data capturing and visualisation from manometer photo empowered by DeepHealth.

HealthCap strives to render an accessible and handy mobile platform to encourage routine blood pressure monitoring.

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ScreenMat is a mobile application that utilizes drawing to predict the risk of cognitive impairment. ScreenMat aims to provide a low-cost health management platform for the general public and social workers, encouraging individuals to undergo cognitive impairment screening and pay attention to their cognitive abilities.


HealthyU is designed for individuals who prioritize their health. Through organizing lectures and diverse interest classes at the university, we aim to enhance the public's ability and awareness in self-health management, while promoting a joyful and fulfilling life.

By joining the HealthyU Health University membership program, participants can enjoy the benefits of priority registration for events, receiving the latest health information, and accessing health assessment services, among others.

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